Recommended Sleep Products

Bedside Sleep Therapy

Sometimes falling asleep isn’t easy, maybe your mind is racing or there is noise in the house. The iHome Zenergy Sleep System is just what the Sleep Doctor ordered. The Zenergy system has 12 different relaxing sounds that help you feel sleepier, I love the Ocean Waves and Rain. And, Zenergy contains lights that have been shown to help you relax before bed and it even includes lavender aroma therapy. I love having this on my bedside table. In full transparency, I consult with iHome and still buy these as one of my favorite gifts to give people, in fact I just gave one to my friend’s girlfriend and one to his daughter last week. You can find them on Amazon here.

Give The Gift That Ends Snoring

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg invented the Zyppah, the best and easiest to use appliance I’ve seen for reducing snoring and it is guaranteed or they will give you your money back. I even did an interview with Dr. Greenburg because I was so impressed with this product. You can watch it here. If you want to enjoy the sound of silence, give the gift of Zyppah

Sleep Bracelet By Phillip Stein

Most people do not know it, but the world runs on frequencies. Electricity has a frequency, sunlight has a frequency, music, even you (your biological rhythms) have a frequency. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to music, it puts you in a particular mood? Whether its upbeat, slow, happy, whatever, music has a significant effect on our mood. I would argue that your body has tuned into a frequency that, depending upon the music, can be both calming and relaxing. A while back I worked with a company called Phillip Stein and helped run the clinical trials for a sleep bracelet. I was sure it was not going to give any useful data, but I was wrong. Literally every person in the study reported that they had some improvement in their sleep. Some people reported feeling more refreshed, other reported great dreams, it was pretty impressive. It is something certainly worth checking out, and it looks great too. If you are wondering what piece of jewelry to give this year this is it, a finely crafted Sleep Bracelet that works as good as it looks, by fine watch maker Phillip Stein.

Cut Nighttime Cravings

I don’t know about you, but I am a nighttime snacker. Ice cream, pretzels, salty or sweet, I just seem to get cravings late at night (like so many other Wolves/Night Owls). Nighttime snacking is an issue for just about everyone. Whether we eat just before we go to bed or wake up and grab a quick snack, what we choose can have a big impact on our sleep. My favorite snack is NightFood. NightFood is a specially formulated food for nighttime. You know not to drink caffeine before bed but many people eat a protein bar or other energy fuel, think about that for a minute, food formulated for energy (even if it is natural, whole food) is not the best thing to eat before you sleep. Food scientists have formulated NightFood to be a balanced snack before bed or if you wake up. So if you want to eat and not feel guilty this is the perfect choice, it’s what I snack on before bed and they have two delicious flavors, decadent Midnight Chocolate Crunch and the very tasty Cookies n dreams. These bars do not contain a sleep aid so they are great for kids and adults alike. These bars really are perfect for everyone and especially the Wolf Chronotype like me. Hint: Warm up the Midnight Chocolate just a little before you eat it, OMG, bedtime will never be the same! When you go to the site and check out, add the code SLEEPDOC for a sweet 15% discount, ahhh, dreams of NightFood dance in my head!

Swanwick Glasses

Light at night is simply an issue for sleep, lets face it. Not to mention that we all seem to spend all day reading on the computer, looking at our phones, and our eyes can be seriously effected. What I like about the Swanwick glasses is that they don’t look goofy, really work, and I can get my kids to wear them in the evenings, without threatening to take away their phone. There is significant science behind these glasses. If I could put these glasses in every stocking of someone who owns a smart phone this would be my go to gift. In fact, I’ll probably give more of these gifts than any other this year. Get a nice discount when you grab your Swanwick blue light blocking glasses here

Sleep Tracker Sleep Score Max

Does the world really need another Sleep Tracking device? NO. I agree there are far too many trackers on the market, working with SleepScore Max, not only is this one of the most accurate contactless sleep evaluation and management systems on the planet, but it does something that no other product does, it actually gives personalized advice, based on your previous sleep and sleep-related goals you set. You can see your sleep as compared to someone your age and gender, and then the next day get tips, hacks, and tricks to IMPROVE your sleep (hint: guess who helped develop the tips!). Its what I use, and you should too.

My Sleep Courses

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you an opportunity to give the gift of my sleep course! If you or someone you love wants to get a better night of sleep this Christmas (or any other day) my Better Sleep Course is the answer! Use the Code sleep10 to take $10.00 off the price of the price of the course. If you or someone you know has insomnia, then this is the course for them. Use the code sleep10 and get $118 off the price of the course.