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The economics of treating insomnia

Insomnia treatments improve lives—and save money Despite…

Insomnia isn’t just a nighttime problem

New research on the 24-hour life of insomnia Most of us have…

Statins for sleep apnea?

New details, possible treatment in the link between heart disease…

Insomnia Could Kill You - By Accident

Insomnia can increase your risk of accidental fatal injuries.

You're awake but you can't move: the scary state of sleep paralysis

As frightening as it is, sleep paralysis—one form of parasomnia—isn’t actually dangerous, nor is it typically a sign of a serious condition.

The Role of Sleep in our Lives

Science has experienced great progress in deepening our understanding…

How to Keep Snoring From Hurting Your Relationship

Tending to a snoring issue can lead to better sleep for both partners, as well as a more loving and harmonious relationship that includes sleeping together, not apart. Sleeping well with the person we love is the goal, and by treating snoring effectively, it can happen.

Is Sleep Apnea Related to the ‘Sperm Crisis’?

Results of a newly released study suggest an intriguing possibility: could the “sperm crisis” observed in the French study and others be at least partially the result of sleep apnea?

EPAP and the future of snoring

Often lifestyle and behavioral adjustments don’t do enough to manage snoring successfully. EPAP (expiratory positive airway pressure) is a new and highly effective form of treatment for snoring.