Use bio time to get the most from your meds

Use Bio Time to Get the Most From Your Meds

How your chronotype and your sleep affect the medication you…
Teens need more sleep than you think
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Does what you eat matter to your sleep?

The science on diet and sleep Do you struggle to get enough…
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The economics of treating insomnia

Insomnia treatments improve lives—and save money Despite…
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Does the full moon make your kids less sleepy?

New evidence that the moon influences human sleep Do you ever…
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Low on Vitamin D, sleep suffers

We’re nearing the end of what’s been a long winter for people…
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Digging into memory—and its relationship to sleep

When you’re tempted to stay up late for the sake of being productive, in mind that you and your memory ultimately will be better served by getting a good night’s sleep. Well rested, you’re more likely to feel better, perform better, and to remember more.
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Do Sleep Problems in Teens Predict Drug and Alcohol Problems?

The problems with sleep that predicted substance abuse issues included difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, as well as insufficient time spent sleeping.