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The Sleep Doctor’s 5 relaxation techniques to help you de-stress and sleep better

The Sleep Doctor’s 5 relaxation techniques to help you de-stress and sleep better We’re coming off a bitterly fought, contentious election. We’re headed straight into the holiday season. Suffice it to say, there is plenty of stress—and probably a lot of restless sleep—to go around.   Instead of white knuckling through a tense time, consider […]

5 Serious Medical Conditions linked to Nighttime Light Exposure

It’s hard to imagine a life without instant, unfettered, 24-hour access to light. In the 100-plus years since electric light became widely available, it has brought a cascade of fundamental change to the way we live. Electricity and artificial light have been, and continue to be, responsible for profound cultural, economic and technological progress. But […]

Why you’re more tired flying east than west

New evidence on how direction affects jet lag   If you’ve traveled through time zones even occasionally, you’ve likely noticed a distinct phenomenon of jet lag: it’s easier to travel west than to travel east. Jet lag—with its symptoms of fatigue, mental sluggishness, headaches, sleep problems, and disorientation, among others—is the body’s response to disruption […]

Can sleeping late torpedo your diet?

New evidence of how late sleeping undermines healthy eating Are you a morning person—someone who wakes and rises early, perhaps without the help of an alarm clock? Or do you tend to sleep late, and cherish every extra minute of morning rest? The timing of your sleep may not only matter to your rest itself, […]

Parenthood isn’t easy on men’s sleep

Dads’ disrupted sleep is often overlooked   Fathers’ Day is around the corner, so it seems appropriate to take some time to talk about dads and sleep. Most discussions about parenting and sleep tend to focus heavily on mothers. There is plenty of good reason for that. Particularly with newborn and young children, moms are […]

The economics of treating insomnia

Insomnia treatments improve lives—and save money Despite its status as the most common sleep disorder among adults in the U.S., many people who suffer from insomnia aren’t receiving treatment. Research indicates that insomnia disorder is significantly underdiagnosed among American adults. What’s more, treatment for insomnia isn’t always—or even often—made accessible and affordable by insurers and […]

Does the full moon make your kids less sleepy?

New evidence that the moon influences human sleep Do you ever attribute your child’s wild or wound-up behavior to the presence of a full moon? If so, you’re far from the only parent to feel as though your child might open his mouth and howl at the dark sky. Our connection to the moon and […]