It All Comes Down to Good Sleep

Alarm clock reflecting good sleep.

Sleep is a fundamental component of human life. Deprived of it, our ability to function quickly deteriorates, and eventually crumbles. For all we often do in taking sleep for granted, it remains as critical to our survival as food and water, an essential aspect of daily living.

Good sleep—regular, high-quality rest in plentiful amounts—does much more than enable us to survive. Health sleep allows us to thrive. Sleep provides us with energy, strength and stamina. It enhances productivity and performance, fueling intellectual and creative abilities. Sleep restores mind and body, enabling physical rejuvenation and supporting mental and emotional recharge. It protects against disease and medical conditions, boosting the immune system and metabolism, protecting the heart, supporting bone and muscle health.

There is virtually no skill, task, or function, no physiological process, no emotion or relationship, that isn’t affected by sleep. The more we pay attention to sleep, the healthier, happier, more productive we can be.

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