A Good Night’s Sleep for Good Sex

It’s still a taboo topic: sex. Sleep deprivation may be a hot topic lately, but few people consider the toll sleeplessness has on a sex life. An article I read on WebMD summarizes the relationship between sex and sleep very well. The highlights: Sleep disorders and...

Is Sexsomnia Real?

“Sexsomnia“– sounds like a made-up, weird word, but this appears to be a sleep disorder. While doing research for a recent TV appearance , I investigated what looked like a new and intriguing parasomnia. A parasomnia is a classification of sleep disorder where people can do some pretty complicated behaviors in their sleep. Sleep walking, sleep talking, sleeps eating, but sleep sex? I have to admit I was skeptical.

Sleep Violence. Rare, but Real.

If you think you’ve got it bad because your bed partner snores, think again.
In an engrossing editorial about sleep violence, a man chronicles what it’s like to commit violent acts in his sleep (granted, his didn’t go much further than punching the headboard or acting like a defensive lineman). But sleep violence can be serious. And it’s not something to joke about.