Olympics Got Your Sleep—Again?

Watching the Olympics in Beijing less than two years ago kept a lot of us up late at night, waiting and waiting for the events to be shown. The teasers kept us high on alert and anticipation: Coming up, in about 45 minutes, Michael Phelps goes for his 6th gold… But...

Coming to a Store Near You: Perky Jerky

Caffeine comes in all shapes and sizes now. And I mean all shapes and sizes:
I just read about a guy in New York who is introducing caffeinated beef jerky to the world. So if you’re not a gum aficionado, this is another option for chewing your way to a jolt.

Sleep Loss, Brain Loss

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, as the old adage goes. But so is sleep.
Last week a new study emerged indicating that chronic insomnia may be doing more damage to your brain than you ever thought: it could be associated with a wasting away of its gray matter.