A Must See for a Good Laugh…

The challenge: find a way to help people sleep in uncomfortable (and perhaps uncompromising) positions, like standing on a busy street corner, at a desk in a cubicle, or high on a cold, snowy hilltop. The result: some very unusual and often ingenious  contraptions...

Whose Bed Is It Anyway?

Usually when I am asked questions about co-sleeping or “the family bed” it is in reference to having children sleeping in the bed with their parents. But recently I was asked to comment on pets in the bed, so I thought this might be a good thing for us all to think about.

A Snor-Chestra of Song

Tired of the Christmas carols? Sick of holiday songs and jingling bells?
Well, as you pack up those holiday decorations, I suggest you check this out: a group of musicians got together and created a montage of snorers from around the United Kingdom to the tune of, well, let’s just say a very odd sounding “Silent Night.”