Do Your Adolescent Children Keep Odd Sleep Hours?

I’ve written about the sleep habits of adolescents numerous times. Parents are often confused by a teenager’s odd sleep habits, as most teens prefer to go to bed late, and wake up late (despite the morning school bell).
Everyone should know that this change in sleep times is based on biological changes, not simply that they want to stay up late and sleep late.

Shift Worker Alert: Curb the Caffeine

Shift Worker Alert: Curb the Caffeine

Coffee is most everyone’s number one choice for a pick-up-me. Have to work late? Coffee. Couldn’t get a full night’s sleep? Coffee. Need a jolt of energy to stay focused and alert? Coffee.
You can count on coffee, or really anything with caffeine in it, to get you through it. But watch out if you’re among those who work at night and sleep during the day: there’s new evidence that coffee can really tie a knot in your attempts to get some sleep when you need it most.

Beauty Rest Is Real

Sleeping Beauty may have had the ultimate secret to looking great and maintaining that soft, dewy skin of a twentysomething. This week, when the Los Angeles Times reported on the “best skincare treatment,” readers might have been surprised to learn that it wasn’t a new cosmeceutical or $500-per-ounce skin cream. It doesn’t get any cheaper or more universally accessible than this: sleep.

The Lark vs. The Owl: Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

Most of us know whether we’re a lark who likes to beat the sunrise, or an owl who prefers to work by moonlight. Larks function best in the morning and tire through the day, whereas owls feel sharper as the day goes on and reach their optimum level at around 9 o’clock at night.
Owls tend to envy larks, though, especially when they hear about their counterparts who can rise before the sun and get half a day’s work done before much of the world eats breakfast. So should an owl try to turn into a lark?