Andy Rooney on Sleep

Earlier this month when Andy Rooney gave his classic spiel during the last segment of 60 Minutes, he talked about sleep. He doesn’t quite understand why so many people have problems with sleep, especially since he “can sleep night or day, sitting, standing, or lying down” and he admits to falling asleep right at his desk or on a bus going across town. He can get along on 7 hours, and thinks that anyone who gets 9 hours or more is sleeping his or her life away.

Pilot Fatigue to Blame?

The Federal Aviation Administration is rewriting its rules that govern flight time for pilots and their required rest periods in order to reduce the chances of fatigue. It will be the first update to the rules in decades and will utilize research that wasn’t available before.
Does that make me feel better the next time I fly?

Big Decisions Decided After All-Nighters?

Imagine having to make a huge decision that may affect the lives of millions. Your constituents have voted with confidence in your ability represent them on issues like health care and education.
But after months of contentious debate, when the deadline nears, it comes time to make the critical decisions, there’s nothing left to do but pull numerous all-nighters, eat poorly, and struggle to stay awake while you and your colleagues fight for a resolution.
Sound like a group project in college or business school? No wait – it is actually the State Senate!