Off to College, Probably Not Off to Sleep—Part I

Okay, so I’ll admit, it comes with the territory. College life is, well, college! A rite of passage, and we all have our top secret stories from then. The two biggest culprits of a sleepless college student:
* Academics and late-night studying.
* “Social” studies and late-night partying.
You can’t necessarily forgo either of the above on a consistent basis. But your body wants sleep on a consistent basis, which can conflict with the trappings of a successful and fun college life. And, without mom or dad around to nag about bedtime (and, might I add, wake time in order to be in class on time), the transition back to school life with all its demands and nocturnal distractions can be difficult.
So let me offer some realistic solutions that can ease any college student back into the swing of things quickly and restfully:

Something New in Melatonin?

Many supplement companies and health food stores will claim that melatonin is a natural sleeping aid or nightcap because it “naturally” helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. Given its wide spread availability today, you’d presume it’s safe and effective.
Is it?

Sleep Linked to Infertility

Correction: Sleep-deprivation linked to infertility. (I had a feeling that would get your attention.) Did you ever consider that? How could you with all the other things to worry about: You’ve cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and even processed food.You’ve scheduled...

Do Not Try This at Home

…unless you’ve got the space and lots of willing participants… with a really good sense of humor. If you haven’t seen the spectacular display of Mattress Dominoes yet, check it out. In a mattress factory in England, 41 fellow Brits lined up dozens of mattresses on...

Sleeplessness Worse for Women

All “men” are created equal. That turns out not to be the case when it comes to sleep.
Just this week a study came out of the U.K. revealing an alarming discrepancy between the effects lack of sleep brings men versus women.