Good News for Coffee Drinkers

I frequently get asked if I think drinking coffee is like sleeping with the devil. People are surprised when I tell them no, and that coffee can be a healthy part of life—it doesn’t have to mess with your sleep. There are a multitude of benefits that accompany coffee drinking, and now we have one more reason to add to the list: it can cut the risk of stroke in women.

Getting Paid to Sleep…in Public

Now this is downright bizarre. Imagine being on display in a museum. Correction: Imagine getting paid to sleep for an exhibit…and be on display.
That’s what the New Museum of Contemporary Art (hey, you knew it’d have to be contemporary) in Manhattan is offering.

Sleep Disorder Saves a Life

I love an unusual story about sleep that has as good ending. Check out this headline: Sleep Disorder Helps Woman Escape Fire. This past week a woman in Texas can thank her CPAP machine for saving her life when a fire gutted her home. For those unfamiliar with the CPAP...