Sleep In, Save Your Heart

If you’re looking for a great holiday cocktail hour topic, try this: an extra hour of sleep can be good for your heart. A new study just reported indicates that an extra hour can lower your risk of developing calcium deposits in your arteries.

Has Your Doctor Had a Nap?

It’s long been known that doctors in training don’t get much sleep. They endure long hours in teaching hospitals and double shifts. Which is why I was happy to hear about a new report that urges rest breaks during 30-hour shifts.

Hope for Jet Setters and Shift Workers

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to be and feel awake and alert, but you just can’t for whatever reason. Although life is usually very busy for those who have regular 9 to 5 jobs and families to run, it’s quite different for people whose jobs have them covering odd shifts or traversing the country through different time zones and long journeys (ahem business travelers).

The Eyes Have It

Plenty has been written about the connections between sleep and conditions like heart disease and obesity, but eye disorders? It doesn’t seem like an intuitive relationship. That is, until you dig a little deeper.