Wall Street Got Your Sleep?

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that sleeping pill prescriptions are on the rise as the economy is on the decline, or at least in a temporary ditch. About one in five people take non-narcotic sleep aids now. Even though those who take something to help them fall and stay asleep are not advised to use them every single night. But my bet is that people who can’t get a handle on their stress load or learn how to cope with the constant noise from the news and media are reaching for them routinely.

Married, Sleeping Solo?

Having a bed partner can actually reinforce good sleep habits, like getting to bed at a reasonable hour (“Honey, please come to bed!”) or engaging in spontaneous sex in the morning (as opposed to knocking on another door in the house and get invited in). How many couples who sleep solo trade a less-than-perfect sex life for better sleep? I think people can have it both ways…if they pay attention.

Will Your Kids Snore When They Grow Up?

We all like to think of our kids as semi-perfect little beings, and that we can control their development and maturation to some degree. It’s a well-documented fact, for example, that if we don’t teach them how to eat well and engage in physical activity, they can...