Dr. Michael Breus is pleased to announce...

ComfortSolutions as the new manufacturer of the Dr. Breus Bed.
The beds are coming soon to a retailer near you!

Dr. Breus’ 4 Tenets For Better Sleep

  • tempsense™ helps to create “thermo-neutrality”
  • A feeling of "zero-gravity" from superior pressure relief
  • "Complete relaxation" from nature's finest support
  • "Tranquil sleep" that comes from reduced movement
The Sleep Doctor

The only mattresses designed by a sleep doctor

There are some great beds out there, but none has ever been developed by a sleep doctor. Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction.

Buying a mattress

In addition to designing The Dr. Breus Bed™, Dr. Breus completely understands the process of buying a mattress, and how difficult this decision can be. He has spoken with industry experts, evaluated his patient's experiences and has developed a unique way of testing a mattress that includes things like individual physiology. When visiting one of Dr. Breus' select retailers, youll easily feel which Dr. Breus Bed™ is the right one for you!

Latest bedding technologies

Dr. Breus' design incorporates a unique, proprietary layering system to achieve his unprecedented feels - all based on achieving his 4 tenets of better sleep: thermo-neutrality, a feeling of zero gravity, complete relaxation, and tranquil sleep. As many as 13 separate and different layers of pure, natural Talalay latex and soy-based polyfoams are individually hand placed and laminated to one another by only the most experienced craftsman and artisans. Every Dr. Breus Bed™ incorporates the same performance levels of tempsense™, a combination of a unique natural Talalay latex and ticking material at the top of each bed.

4 Tenets For Better Sleep

1. "Thermo-neutral" Sleep

tempsense™ is a unique, proprietary combination of a special natural Talalay latex and a fabric infused with a natural, vegetable oil based phase change material. tempsense™ works to automatically keep the sleep surface underneath you in the ideal comfort zone all through the night! As you get warmer, the molecules spread out to dissipate your heat, and as you cool, the molecules contract to trap the heat energy. tempsense™ is creating thermo-neutrality even through the most popularly used protective mattress pads.


2. Superior Pressure Relief

To ensure proper blood circulation and avoid painful pressure points which can pull you out of deep sleep, your body needs to turn throughout the night. Every Dr. Breus Bed™ has been designed with a feeling of zero-gravity so that deep, uninterrupted sleep can be increased.


3. Nature's Finest Support

The Dr. Breus Bed™ provides the ideal level of support to avoid tight, flexed muscles that can create painful awakenings throughout the night. When the spine is in correct alignment, muscles can more easily relax - delivering more deep, restorative sleep.

Nature's Finest Support

4. Undisturbed Sleep

Sound sleep is often interrupted by a bed partner turning over or getting in and out of a bouncy mattress. Dr. Breus created his bed to be free of excessive movement; a peaceful, tranquil sleeping environment.

It's like a house call from your own personal Sleep Doctor.

Complimentary House Call Program

The House Call Program is provided exclusively to the owners of a Dr. Breus Bed™. Through the program, Dr. Breus will serve as your personal expert guide and coach through any transition time you may need from your old mattress to your new Dr. Breus Bed™. You'll receive important information, educational resources, and tips to help you get a better nights sleep.