Nightmares and Things That Go Bump In The Night

Exploring the scary side of sleep and dreaming I’m a sleep…
What do you know about your dreams

What do you know about your dreams?

Answers to the most asked questions about dreaming As a…
What do you know about your dreams

Observing the damaged brain for clues about dreaming

Even with pretty amazing technology at our disposal, dreams—their function, their purpose—remain relatively little understood. The study of dreams through brain accidents, abnormalities, and disease will likely continue to be a source of new details that enrich our knowledge of this most mysterious aspect of life.
What do you know about your dreams

How do Scientists Study Dreams?

It’s fascinating to learn about dreaming, to discover patterns and themes that appear in dreams across cultures and ages, and to speculate about the purpose of dreams in our lives.
What do you know about your dreams

What’s in a dream?

Not all dreaming is the same. Dreaming runs the gamut of human experience (and sometimes beyond), incorporating a dizzying range of emotions and events, often with elements of the bizarre. Dreams can be funny, frightening, sad and strange. Flying dreams can be euphoric, chasing dreams can be terrifying, forgot-to-study-for-my-exam dreams can be stressful.
What do you know about your dreams

Our Dreaming World

In this 3-part series, we’ll explore the world of dreams, looking at the latest science has to say about why we might dream, and the mechanics of dreaming in the brain. We’ll examine the content of dreams, and how dreams may both reflect and influence waking life. We’ll look at disorders related to dreaming, and how health conditions and some medication can disrupt dreams.
What do you know about your dreams

Dreaming and our waking lives

Scientists at France’s Lyon Neuroscience Research Center examined brain activity during dreaming, in an attempt to better understand how dreams may carry over to waking memory—what’s known as dream recall—and why some people are better than others at remembering dreams
What do you know about your dreams

The stuff of (disturbing) dreams

Dreams are one of the most fascinating—and least understood—aspects…
What do you know about your dreams

Decoding the Science behind Dream Interpretation and the Lucid Dream

Are you curious—and sometimes maybe a bit baffled—by your…