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Sleep violence happens more often than you think

Over the years, I’ve treated a number of patients with violent and dangerous parasomnias. In all of these cases, the stakes are especially high. Not only is my patient’s sleep and health compromised, but their safety—and the safety of other people, especially those people closest to them—are very much at risk. As I discussed last […]

CSI: Sleep Forensics

OK. So, one of my guilty pleasures is CSI. I like them all, but NCIS (the military one with Mark Harmon) is my favorite. I always like to see how they use science to solve the mystery. To be 100 percent honest, I feel like a science-detective sometimes myself. It really can be a bit […]

Magnesium – How it effects your sleep

The sleep-promoting, stress-reducing, disease-protecting power of this essential mineral Often times I have patients who have questions surrounding nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals. Recently I had someone ask me about magnesium for sleep, since she had heard me on a podcast talking about the magnesium in banana tea. I thought I would share parts of […]

The truth about alcohol and sleep

What you need to know to be a sleep-smart drinker I don’t drink a lot. It’s not because I don’t appreciate a glass of wine with a great meal, or a few beers on a hot summer evening. It’s because I know what alcohol can do to sleep and healthy circadian rhythms. Alcohol is the […]

The latest on blue light and sleep

How to manage blue-light exposure to protect sleep and health When I’m trying to live my best, healthiest life—and most of us are—I pay daily attention to how I’m treating my body. I watch the food I’m eating, and the exercise I’m getting. I pass on that third glass of wine, and set my alarm […]

6 sleep myths that may be hurting your sleep

Test your sleep IQ against these common sleep misconceptions Sleep is increasingly getting the attention it deserves, as a pillar of health and wellness. Sleep news makes headlines. Sleep care is starting to gain real attention in the workplace. The importance of sleep is increasingly part of our public conversation. Still, myths about sleep persist. […]

Can you hack your sleep schedule?

What you need to know about biphasic and polyphasic sleep Everybody is busy these days, looking to squeeze as much as they can out of every moment of the day, and night. Sure, you know you need roughly eight hours of sleep—but wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow get that ‘ideal eight’ in […]

How binge-watching affects your sleep

I like a good binge-watching session as much as anyone. Not long ago, I blew through all 96 episodes of Entourage in about two weeks! It seems I’m in good company. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Americans are binge watchers. With technology including streaming services and on-demand content transforming the way we […]