Sleep Like Goldilocks or You Might Cut Life Short

It is said that moderation is key. This is true even when it comes to sleep. British researchers just released a new study confirming what has long been thought to be true: sleeping less or more than 6 to 8 hours is associated with premature death.

Treating OSA in Truckers: A Good Thing

Well, it’s really no surprise. A recent study indicates that…

Death by Insomnia

Is it really true? Can you die from sleeplessness? If you happened to watch the National Geographic Channel last month, you might have caught sight of a special on Fatal Familiar Insomnia (FFI)—a deadly form of insomnia that runs in some families.

Regular Daily Routines Enhance Sleep Experience

According to a new study just published in the journal Sleep, keeping a daily routine may be associated with a reduced rate of insomnia and improved quality of sleep.