Link Between Sleep Apnea and Eye Disorders

Like severe back pain or battling a bad stomach flu, your world can stop dead in its tracks when you’ve got an distressing eye disorder. What if the problem in your eyes, however, were associated with your sleep habits?

A Good Night’s Sleep for Good Sex

It’s still a taboo topic: sex. Sleep deprivation may be a hot…

Is Sexsomnia Real?

“Sexsomnia“– sounds like a made-up, weird word, but this appears to be a sleep disorder. While doing research for a recent TV appearance , I investigated what looked like a new and intriguing parasomnia. A parasomnia is a classification of sleep disorder where people can do some pretty complicated behaviors in their sleep. Sleep walking, sleep talking, sleeps eating, but sleep sex? I have to admit I was skeptical.

Social Networking, Sleep Deprivation, Drug Use and Teens

A few months ago, the media led with a headline that your friends can make you fat. As you can imagine, it caused quite a stir—showing the hidden impact our relationships can have on our behavior and lifestyle choices. But can friends make us sleep deprived and more likely to abuse drugs?

Sleep Violence. Rare, but Real.

If you think you’ve got it bad because your bed partner snores, think again. In an engrossing editorial about sleep violence, a man chronicles what it’s like to commit violent acts in his sleep (granted, his didn’t go much further than punching the headboard or acting like a defensive lineman). But sleep violence can be serious. And it’s not something to joke about.