Attention Parents: Sleep Problems May Trigger Manic Depression in Kids

For years now, we’ve known that chronic sleep deprivation can trigger a litany of other health risks, from diabetes and obesity to heart and memory problems. This is true for adults and children. But now there’s a new study has linked sleep problems among children as a trigger for manic depression.

Sleep Boxes: Coming to an Airport Near You?

Nothing is more frustrating than traveling on empty and there’s…

Tee Off on This: Sleep Better, Golf Better

I don’t know any avid golfer who isn’t looking for tips to improve his or her game. Now I finally have proof to make a case for my area of expertise: better sleep. Equipment, weather conditions, athleticism, and technique aside, if you can get your game on at night, you can get your game on over the greens.

Fact or Fiction: You Can Catch Up on Sleep Over the Weekend

If we’re watching our weight and “blow it” on any given day, we’re told it’s okay because we can make up for it the next day and get back on track. But what about when we lose sleep? Can we catch up over the weekend and, say, sleep in on Sunday morning to make up for those late, late nights during the work week?

Housework After Sex, Not Sleep

Hold onto your seatbelt for this one. Professor Elwyn Isaac from England’s University of Leeds has just discovered an astonishing behavior among fruit flies: after mating, females ditch their usual afternoon siesta in favor of engaging in intense foraging (ahem, that would be akin to domestic-type duties or housework).

When Power Snoring Exceeds a Power Saw

Think you’ve got it bad putting up with a snoring bed partner?…