Attention Parents with an Autistic Child: Is a Sleep Clinic in Order?

I applaud the sleep counselors at a special school in Manchester, England, who are helping autistic children and their parents deal with disturbed sleep patterns. Establishing a firm routine appears to be the magic bullet to helping autistic children. This strategy actually works for helping anyone become a better, sounder sleeper.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage (and Healthy Self): Separate Beds? I Doubt it!

...married people suffer 50 percent more harmful sleep disturbances if they share a bed. And this does not bode well for the sufferer of poor sleep, as it can cause depression, heart disease, stroke, lung disorders and accidents.

Is Your Sleep Deprivation Leading You to Diabetes?

While sleep may not seem like it belongs in the same category as words that revolve around weight, it actually has everything to do with weight and whether or not you’re at risk for diabetes. Two fascinating studies that just came out to further prove it:

Moms: A New School Year Can Spell Sleep Relief (or Not)

“A woman’s work is never done” – a phrase that will never…

Off to College, Probably Not Off to Sleep—Part 2

Last week, I dispensed some secrets to settling into college life without losing too much sleep over it. The dorm room deserves special attention. It’s where college students will spend a great deal of time mixing attempts to get some shut-eye and a host of other activities—socializing, writing papers, studying, talking on the phone, hanging out, listening to music, and so on. Whether it’s your first-born making the move to college or you yourself are about to move on up, heed these dorm room makeover tips: