Mattress Money Stasher Throws Out a Million!

The story reads like something out of a sitcom or a joke that doesn’t have a punchline. Woman stashes life savings to the tune of $1 million in her mattress. Woman throws out the mattress by mistake. After a day goes by, she remembers her major gaffe and frantically searches for her fortune in three different landfills. Finds nothing. One of the managers at a rubbish site suggests a homeless person picked up the mattress and probably has no idea he could give up the park bench and check into the Ritz.

Sleep on the Government’s Agenda

Has someone been falling asleep in Congress? I was delighted…

The Sounds and Sleeplessness in the ICU—Part II

Earlier this week I covered a new study that points to the disturbing…

The Sounds and Sleeplessness in the ICU—Part I

Noise. Whether it’s the blare of traffic and the hustling sounds of a city, or just your neighbor’s barking dog and lawn mower cutting into your Sunday snooze, noise pollution is something we all have to deal with to some degree. But what about indoor disturbances—in a hospital when you’re lying in the Intensive Care Unit? I know, it’s not something we think about much, which is partly why there hasn’t been extensive investigations into this arena. But a fresh study out of the U.K. sheds some fascinating light on this subject.

Do You Recognize Me? The Power of Sleep in Identifying a Face

We’ve all experienced it. You see a face and think, “Where do I now that person from? He looks so familiar!” Sometimes, a few more minutes of pondering or resorting to some awkward inquiry can result in an answer. Other times, you’re not so lucky and you never figure it out. Can your sleep be at all related to this scenario? A new study just released suggests that yes, our ability to remember faces is linked to how long we are awake.