Take a Caffeinated Shower

Looking for an extra boost in the shower to wake you up? How about a caffeinated soap? Is this a joke? No, I don’t think so, at $6.99 per bar. But how true is it? Can you really get a jolt from caffeinated soap?

Melatonin: Miracle or Mistake?

I get a lot of questions about melatonin in particular, since many supplement companies and health food stores will tout that melatonin is a “natural” sleeping aid. Given the availability of this supplement today, you’d presume it’s safe and effective. But is it really? What’s better, taking a melatonin supplement to help you go to sleep on a crazed Monday night or going for a “PM” version of a pain reliever?

Snoring: A Health Hazard or a Harmless Habit?

When I tell people that snoring can be a sign of a serious health…