Get Moving, Get Sleeping

If you haven’t thought about New Year’s Resolutions yet, consider this: if you vow to get more exercise into your life, you’ll probably simultaneously sleep better, too.

Good News for People with Insomnia

A new study in the journal Sleep reports that some people have abnormal brain activities that keep them hyperalert. Is this good news or not?

Sleepless Kids Become Fat Adults

How well your kids sleep will have long-term effects on them. The relationship between sleep and obesity risk is much more intricate and “time-consuming” than previously thought.

Cutting Risk of SIDS Could Be as Easy as Using a Fan

I was fascinated to read about the report that came in the October…

Don’t Take the Election TOO Seriously

We were all blessed (except for the candidates, no doubt) with an extra hour of sleep the other night, and it could have meant more than you think it did. The end of daylight savings could not have come at a better time this year, as a new study shows the impact that one extra hour can actually have on you.